Here are some of my profiles from various projects and institutions, as well as a link to a more in-depth LinkedIn profile.

  • LinkedIn:
  • Goldenline:¬†
  • Profile at UC Berkeley:
  • Profile at RANEPA (archival):
  • Profile at Stanford ESP:¬†

Other links (lectures, forums, etc):

  • Volgograd News ¬ęNovosti Volgograda¬Ľ (in Russian):
  • The SURF Journal 2010-2011 v.II, 2010-2011 (consulted), PDF
  • Bashkir State University, “Russian-Polish Youth Council” (in Russian):
  • IBD Business School IBD Executive MBA overview, PDF
  • Crossweb – “Security and Reliability of Network Systems” (in Polish):¬†
  • Profile at PLNOG:¬†, lecture:¬†
  • Conferences and lectures:

After hours: