Stanford US-Russia Forum

Research Adviser, Administrator
(, Sample Publications, Speakers and Bios (PDF)

Recreating Silicon Valley

Administrator, IT Consultant
MS&E72SI at Stanford University
( – archival), Syllabus (PDF)

ArcheoBiblioBase Revival

Tech Consultant, IT Integrator
For the purposes of the Center for Russian Studies (RANEPA)
( – archival), PDF

Open Lectures @ CRS

Center for Russian Studies, RANEPA
(, PDFs, Videos

Stanford ESP

Teacher, Volunteer
H1150: Traveling the Trans-Siberian
(, PDF

Children’s Economic University

Teacher, Vulunteer
Bialystok Politechnic University
(, Article in Polish Radio Bialystok (PDF)

Russian-Polish Youth Council

Co-founder, Manager
( – archival)

Other media-related projects, appearances